In 1993, the J.League championship was launched. It was composed of ten teams : Shimizu S-Pulse, of course, and also the Kashima Antlers, the Urawa Red Diamonds, Nagoya Grampus Eight, JEF United Ichihara, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, The Yokohama Marinos, the Yokohama Flugels, Verdy Kawasaki and Gamba Osaka. Several players in the roster would play their whole professional career at Shimizu, such as Masaaki Sawanobori, Katsumi Oenoki or Kenta Hasegawa. For its first season, Shimizu S-Pulse finished at the third place.

From 1993 to the end of 1996, the J.League had a contract with local brand Mizuno, which was asked to create the uniforms of all the participating teams, Shimizu included. That's why the players would not wear the same kits for league games as the ones made for cup games. But as you can see, Mizuno tried to apply some design choices made by Puma, a year earlier, to its own work : the collar used looks like the one from the Puma version, shorts and socks are very similar too. On the away shirt, the blue stripes on the shoulders and the orange stripe near the cuff, mentioning the club's name, are nearly identical to what was found on the shirt made by Puma. On the other hand, the rest of the uniforms is pretty unique. The front of the home shirt features the world map, but its style is very different from the cup version, and the shade of orange isn't as yellowish as before, while the orange and blue stripes on the sleeves will not be featured on any other Shimizu shirt after this one. The away look is very abstract, mixing squares, circles, and gradiant vertical stripes. It highlights the sponsor pretty well and it seems that it was the goal after all. The numbers used were slightly different from their cup counterparts as well.

Honours : None. That's unfortunate.

Brand : Mizuno

Sponsors :
Front : Japan Airlines / Back : Glico / Sleeve : Honen / Shorts : None.

Badges : J.League

Numbers / Nameset :

Jock tag : None.

Template used : None.

Counterfeit : No.

Differences between authentic and replica : The player version used a fabric offering a pattern made of rectangles and the name of the club, while the fan version used a plain, yet shiny fabric. The replica didn't have any sponsor, and the JAL logo was replaced with a black Shimizu S-Pulse script logo.


-Popularity : Back then, it seems the fans were already satisfied with the 1992 Puma shirt to get the 1993 Mizuno shirt as well. Indeed, the yellow shade, the full map and the sponsors were making the cup design a better product to represent the club.

-Nearly the first : For the J.League's 20th anniversary, several retro products were sold to celebrate the event, based on the designs of the teams' first uniforms. As the "first" uniform used in the championship by Shimizu was this one and not the 1992 Puma version, the Shimizu products used the Mizuno design.

-The "away" mystery : Up to this day, the reasons behind the particular design of the 1993 away shirt stay unknown. One thing is for sure though, it wasn't a "fan favourite".