The fans feared it, it happened. Shimizu S-Pulse has been relegated in the J.League Division 2 at the end of the 2015 season. With no game plan whatsoever, and lots of goals taken by the orange defense, it wasn't really a surprise. Still extremely sad though. Oenoki left the first team soon after the championship' second stage began, and was replaced by another former S-Pulse player, Kazuaki Tasaka. Nothing really changed. It was particularly disappointing since the club had always played in the first division since its creation. And so, another chapter of the S-Pulse history was closed in 2015.

Puma offered a nice tribute to the club's first kit, as the Mikan shade was the main color again, paired with orange shorts and socks. The design was based on the Puma Swerve diamond pattern, and the globe was added on both faces of the home kit, while the usual mount Fuji view was placed, once again, on the bottom back of the away kit, which was white and orange. All of this made the home kit look a bit crazy, like the old classic Shimizu designs were back in their days. And it had a lot of success among the supporters, and even among people from around the world. Which is still the club's ambition, after all. As it is the case for a lot of Japanese clubs, a badge mentioning the club's location was added to the sleeve, under the league badge.

Honours : None.

Brand : Puma

Sponsors :
Front : Suzuyo / Back : Glico / Sleeve : Japan Airlines / Shorts : Seikosha Printing

Badges : Meiji Yasuda J.League + Shizuoka

Numbers / Nameset :

Jock tag : Jock tag

Template used : Puma Swerve.

Counterfeit : Yes. A fake version of the home shirt was sold on the internet. On one fake version, the fabric used was completely different and was more similar to what Nike used at that time. On an other fake version, the fabric looked like the official one Puma used, but not identical. The continents were not placed correctly on the globe compared to the official design.

Differences between authentic and replica : On the shirts made for the players, the word "Authentic" could be found on the hologram, when there was nothing written on the replica shirts' hologram. That's the only difference.


-Reused globe : The globe which is part of the 2015's home shirt design is actually the same as the one used in 2012.

-Mount Fuji : It seems that there is a tradition going on since 2013 : the globe is for the home kit, mount Fuji is for the away kit, and always on the back. The design used is a simplified view of the mountain from Shizuoka. It is interesting to know that a clear view of the mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the Nihondaira stadium itself.

-All about timing : As unusual as it looks, the clubs added the Shizuoka badge on the sleeve in the middle of the season. The club already finished last in the first leg of the championship. It didn't seem like it was the best moment to show local pride...